What do Lady Bugs and Bears have in common?

Would you believe they both hibernate? Ordinarily lady beetles are not a nuisance; they feed on ornamental pests like aphids and whiteflies and are considered by some to be good luck. Lady beetles, and a number of other “occasional invader” insects, hibernate during the colder months of winter, frequently in our yards.  While Bears look for caves […]

Racing for the Cure!!!

Early in September one of our customers contacted us about sponsoring their team in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure held on October 9th.  It sounded like such a great idea, we decided to put together a Mr. Bugg’s team of our own and participate for the first time.  The response within the […]

Mice and Rats in the Home

It’s beginning to cool off out there…and the mice know it!  This is the time of the year when the drop in temperature causes the mice to begin looking for warmer climates. And your nice, cozy living room may be just the accomodations they are looking for!  Exclusion is the best line of first defense against rodents […]

Come Join Us!!!!!

Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol is celebrating our 30th anniversary this fall, and we want to share it with you on October 26th from 11-1:00!.  For 30 years now, you have allowed us to serve you and your families by protecting your homes and businesses from all sorts of occasional invaders.  We have been invited into your […]

Why are my ears ringing???…..

That noise you hear is not a ringing in your ears…in fact it’s crickets. During the summer months crickets come out of their overwintering spots and unfortunately start to wreak havoc on your home or business. The two most common species that we deal with in the home is the house cricket and the field cricket.  Crickets […]

They’rrrrre Baaaacckk…………

If you haven’t been invaded by millipedes yet, consider yourself fortunate.   Millipedes are a seasonal pest which have made their annual return in a big way. Months of rain have provided moisture and food to a number of uncommon pests that only occur following specific weather conditions. According to Dr. Arthur Appel and Dr. Xing Ping […]

A Special Thank You

A special thank you goes out to all the customers who responded to our request for feedback on their technician. We truly appreciate all your input and shared the most common themes of your responses at our last company meeting. The technicians who tied for the highest number of positive responses were Mack and Chad closely followed […]

What???…Those are TERMITES???!!!

Yes, as a matter of fact, unfortunately Ma’am, those are termites…not flying ants.  Hopefully you never have to hear those words, however, as the weather warms up and the rains become more frequent, so do the activity levels of most pests….especially termites.  During the winter termites go deep under ground to stay warm and are […]


It’s that time of the year again, and you may already be noticing some ant beds beginning to pop up.  With the recent addition of a couple of warm days here and there, the fire ants have begun to get active again. During the winter, fire ants go deep under ground where it is warmer.  They […]

Swiss Cheese Sweater?

As the temperatures outside drop, it’s time for many of us to change to our winter wardrobes.  Unfortunately when opening our cedar chests we might find that a sweater which was in perfectly good condition suddenly resembles Swiss cheese.  Okay maybe Swiss cheese is an exaggeration, but you might find small holes that weren’t there […]