The June Bugs are Coming

The June Bugs are Coming

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june bugs
june bugs

Want to know more about June bugs? You’ve come to the right place. This article aims to inform you of valuable details about the June bug, which can help maintain your property this coming summer.

Although the name implies the bug comes out during this month, seeing them in May or as late as July is possible. June bugs love the summer nearly as much as humans and get in all the fun in the sun as possible.

What are June Bugs?

June bugs are a favorite bug for kids who love to catch them and let them fly off into the air. The bug is a collection of about 100 species of beetles and is technically considered to be a beetle. Some people call it the June beetle. The beetle ranges in size from one-half to five-eighths of an inch and shows a muddy red hue.

The bug has elytra, a shiny casting, that covers its wings. This casting helps us spy the June bug faster -even as it buzzes through the air at great speeds.

They Enjoy Artificial Lighting

Scientists aren't exactly sure why, but June bugs enjoy artificial light. This attracts the bug to porches and inside of homes. Some experts speculate that June bugs have a sexual attraction to the light while others suggest light-distinction conduction causes the attraction to artificial lighting.

Why the Name 'June Bug'?

How did the June Bug get its name? It’s pretty obvious their name suggests the month of the year one can expect to see them come up from the soil. Female June bugs plant eggs under the soil’s topmost layer. When the larvae hatch in about a month, they dine on grass and roots. They can live as larvae for up to three years but often it's a matter of months. It takes about three weeks for the larvae to develop into pupae and turn into the adult June bug we all know.

Are They Harmful?

June Bugs usually pose no threat to humans or to pests like other pests. However, they do pose dangers to the yard, garden, and to pastures. Known as chafers, June bugs enjoy eating vegetation including grass, flowers, grain, wheat, corn, tree sap, and more. Homeowners looking to maintain a spectacular property certainly have trouble when they come around. Farmers also have difficulty when June bugs come around.

On summer nights outdoors, June bugs also serve as an annoyance as they swarm to artificial lighting. Floodlights and ceiling fan lights may cause them to come to your property and ruin your outdoor fun.

What to do About Them

Many signs indicate a potential infestation. Those signs include dead, dying patches of grass, damaged plants, damaged garden vegetables, and of course, spotting the bug itself.

A good way to prevent June bugs from taking over your property is to overseed the lawn. Overseeding will not hurt the soil or property but has other benefits you’ll appreciate. A well-maintained, overseeded lawn creates undesirable living conditions for the bug’s larvae, saving you headaches with the pest.

Help is One Phone Call Away

Of course, The professionals at Mr. Bugg's are always one phone call away if you need more assistance with a June bug problem. We offer a wide range of treatment and preventative options to suit every family and every budget. We’ll also help with other annoying and dangerous household summer pests including cockroaches, termites, beetles, wasps, and mosquitoes.

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