We Keep Hearing Scratching in the Attic…..

We Keep Hearing Scratching in the Attic…..

….and we are not sure what it could be!!  If this sounds familiar to you then you may have any number of “visitors” making there way, unwelcomed of course, into your attic….or crawlspace….or basement…..or garden….you get the picture. 

Mr. Bugg’s now has the resources and experience needed to handle these situations. 

Whether you are dealing with raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, possums, chipmunks, bats, snakes or any other unwanted “visitor”, Mr. Bugg’s can not only remove the pest but also offer different solutions for preventing it (or any other pests) from returning. 

In most cases, when dealing with these issues, exclusion is the most important factor in acheiving control of the situation.  We offer a variety of different methods for making this possible as well. 

Keep us in mind when these problems arise, and remember, we offer FREE evaluations!!