Time to "Race" Again!!!!....

Time to "Race" Again!!!!....

By webdevSeptember 16, 2011No Comments

Our team members for the upcoming Susan G Komen Race For The Cure have been preparing for the October 15th race.

We have dusted off our sneakers, purchased water bottles, icepacks and Bengay and are ready to walk (not run mind you).

All of our employees, team members and non members alike, would like to thank our sponsors and, most of all, our customers who have donated to this worthy cause by paying their technicians this month and last.

Through your contributions we hope to see an end to cancer in our life times.

On behalf of our team members, Chad, Savannah, Latoya, Trion, Ricky, Mitch, Jimmy, Kristie, Alexandra, Kaitlyn, Madison, David, Donna, Donna Z and Susan, thank you so much and we hope to see you there.

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