Bringing Potted Plants Indoors???

Now that we’ve had several below freezing evening temperatures, some green-thumbed homeowners have brought their potted plants indoors for the Winter.  Depending on how long the outdoor plants have been indoors, homeowners may be seeing tiny, slow-moving flying insects.   Several species of small flies can set up housekeeping in the moist organic rich soil required […]

Black Widows In Your Firewood???

Many homeowners are taking advantage of the cooler temperatures by putting their fireplaces back in business.  While little is as heart warming as an old fashioned wood fire, they can be potentially dangerous due to more than just the occasional spark.  That firewood pile that’s been in the yard for months may have become home […]

Santa DID NOT send him down the chimney!!

This little guy was our latest detainee.  He decided to make himself at home without being invited.  Don’t be fooled by that cute little face, however…he can be MEAN!   Raccoons, as with many animals, will take advantage of attic space in homes or buildings.  They are looking for the same things you and I are […]

Leaves and Lady Bugs

This time of year in Alabama is especially beautiful with the trees dressed in their best fall colors.  Once the trees decide to let go of their fall finery though and the leaves start piling up on the ground it’s important for homeowners to brave the elements and grab a rake.    As the leaves […]


Mr. Bugg’s was honored to be a part of the second annual Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Sporting Clay Shoot.  Along with putting together a team to go through the course, we also sponsored some of the contests that the Chamber put together.  There was a great turnout this year and fun was had by […]

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Although Christmas Day for many is a joyous day, for others it is another day without warm clothes or even food for their children, much less presents.  For years The Salvation Army has been helping our neighbors in need through the contributions of those more fortunate.    Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol will be participating in […]

Promote Shelby County

The Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce has organized a skeet shoot to be held November 2nd at Selwood Farms in Alpine.   Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol will be in attendance and will have a team of shooters in addition to sponsoring three of the stations.  Shooting starts at 8:30 am with breakfast before and lunch […]

Every Attendant Was A Winner

Although we felt a bit like a drop of water in a vast ocean at last Saturday’s Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure, we could not have picked a better body of water to be a part of. A crowd of sixteen thousand people flooded the streets of downtown Birmingham creating a river of […]

Have Termites Will Travel

As the temperatures finally begin to drop many homeowners’ thoughts turn to landscaping.  Whether we don the gloves and dive in or grab a pencil and start the planning stage, one very important factor to consider are the materials to be used for borders or retaining walls. One popular material, the railroad tie, has been […]

Change is coming….

Coming soon ….. TWO new looks!! While our web site will still have all the same features it has always had, it will soon have a brand new look. In our on-going efforts to stay at the leading edge, and for the convenience of our customers, we are upgrading our existing web site as well […]