Is It Our Home Or Theirs???

Imagine, if you can, that your extended family (ie parents, siblings, grandparents, ants, uncles, cousins, etc.) has lived on the same property for generations.  As the family outgrows the existing home, a new room or even a whole wing is simply added on to accommodate the growth.  Now imagine an outsider suddenly appears, levels the […]

Better Late Than Never???

Okay, the bad news first …. we’ve had a late start getting this year’s Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure team together.  Now, the good news ……this year’s team shows promise of being our largest group yet!!  We already have 16 team members committed to this worthy cause and would love to have even […]

Charlie Meets A Friend

Our Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, Inc. staff had a great time at the Home and Garden Show in Pelham this past weekend.  We greatly appreciate everyone who stopped by to chat and register for our door prizes.   Our mascot “Charlie” put in an appearance and, judging by the number of pictures taken with him, was […]

Take Back Your Yard From Mosquitoes!!!

Now that temperatures have started (somewhat) to drop, many homeowners are attempting to venture into the yard for a little outdoor fun.  Some families are finding their “fun in the sun” curtailed when they are literally chased back indoors by mosquitoes.   To increase your chance of enjoying the great outdoors, search out and eliminate ANY […]

Guest or Pest???

Rainy days are perfect for most ant species and none more so than Carpenter Ants.  Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t damage sound wood; they do however excavate water damaged wood to provide a colony with living space.   When rain causes damage to roofs, eaves, windows, chimney chases and doorways, their living space frequently becomes our […]

Home And Garden Expo!!!

Spring always seems like the perfect time to start some long anticipated projects around the home.  I imagine this is why The Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders has scheduled the second annual Building and Remodeling Expo for this month.    The place to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 23rd through the 25th will be […]

Mutant Mosquitoes???

Many home owners have been seeing what appears to be an invasion of mosquitoes on steroids.  Even though these insects resemble giant mosquitoes, they are actually Crane Flies.  However, unlike mosquitoes, Crane Flies do not bite.  Some species don’t have mouth parts and the ones that do are only used for eating nectar. Their life […]

You’re Invited!!!

You have honored Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol by allowing us into your home to serve your pest control needs.  We would like to invite you into our “home” for an open house/employee retirement celebration complete with refreshments and door prizes.   We hope you’ll have time to stop by our office on March 30th between 2:30pm […]

Why are my plants webbed??

     Many homeowners bring their patio plants indoors for the winter and may now be searching for the spider responsible for the webbing they see.  Chances are the webbed over leaves are the work of mites, however, not spiders.        Two-spotted spider mites are a common pest causing discoloration, and eventual loss of, foliage.  […]