Unused Space Or The Ritz Penthouse??

Unused Space Or The Ritz Penthouse??

By webdevJanuary 21, 2013No Comments


While an unfinished attic may not be comfortable to us, to a flying squirrel it’s the Penthouse at the Ritz.  Because flying squirrels can glide 30 feet or more, and only need a one inch gap for access, they are common attic invaders. 

Since they are not territorial, it’s not unusual to have a number of unrelated squirrels sharing your attic.  They create quite a racket at night by running up and down the wall voids and rolling nuts around.

Fortunately there is hope for you to regain a peaceful night’s sleep with just a phone call.  Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol provides trapping and removal of flying squirrels from your attic as well as exclusion to prevent their return. 

Contact us today for an evaluation for all your wildlife control needs.               

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