All Roaches Were Not Created Equal

All Roaches Were Not Created Equal

While it is not unheard of to see several different types of roaches inside, only a few are capable of actually infesting a home.  Roaches that nest outside, including American, Oriental and Smoky Brown require high moisture content in their environment.  These roaches generally do not reproduce inside and therefore won’t have the population explosions synonymous with true infestation.

German and Brown Banded roaches have the same environmental requirements we do.  Both of these roaches can easily be brought home from yard sale “finds” or other “second hand” store purchases.  Because these roaches are nocturnal, an infestation can become severe before we know our purchases had hitch hikers.

To reduce indoor sightings of American, Smoky Brown and Oriental roaches, minimize their access to moisture.  This can be done by reducing mulch levels to two inches or less, keeping vegetation trimmed back away from the house and only watering the lawn in the mornings. 

To reduce your risk of a German or Brown Banded infestation, carefully inspect any second hand goods before buying.  Disposing of paper bags, newspapers and cardboard boxes as quickly as possible is also an important preventative measure because they provide harborage opportunities for roaches. 

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