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May 18, 2018
Flying ant vs. swarming termite

With the heat coming in full force the last couple of weeks, it certainly feels as though we went straight from Winter to Summer overnight. And some recent showers have added to the overall mugginess as well. The showers, which are necessary for food production, lush lawns and colorful flower beds, also bring about the […]

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May 30, 2017
Flying ant vs. swarming termite

With the recent rain that we have experienced, springtime is in full swing and summer is just around the corner.  The showers, which are necessary for food production, lush lawns and colorful flower beds, also bring about the reproductive stage of many insects.  Particularly ants and termites. During this time of year it is not […]

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November 3, 2016
Sometimes A “Good Deal” Is Very Costly!!

The cooler temperatures have tempted many homeowners to start work on long awaited landscaping projects outdoors. Whether grabbing a pencil for the planning stage or diving right in, one very important factor to consider is what materials will be used for borders or retaining walls.  A word of caution to all dedicated yard aficionados, for […]

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October 21, 2016
Fall Swarming Termites?? Scary Stuff!!

Termites are one of nature’s many “recyclers” of dead wood, which make them a very beneficial insect as a whole. The problem with this pest develops when they decide to turn their attention to recycling our homes which are, of course, made of …. dead wood. Termites, and in fact most insects, have been around […]

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March 16, 2015
What Is The Difference Between A Stump And A House?

If you happen to be a termite, there IS no difference, both are simply food.   To a termite, the wood used to build our homes is no different than a tree stump in the yard.        While termites serve an important role in recycling the world’s forests, when they turn their appetites loose on our […]

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December 5, 2013
Sometimes You Don’t Want The “Free Extras”!!

Many homeowners are taking advantage of the warmer temperatures to do some last minute landscaping before the winter cold locks us indoors.  To all those dedicated yard aficionados, for the good of your home and your neighbors’ homes, do not use recycled railroad ties in your landscaping endeavors.  While the purchase price of used railroad […]

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July 7, 2013
Why Mr Bugg's Pest Patrol is Top Choice for Pest Control in Birmingham

Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, Inc. was established in 1980 as a one-man business and has since grown to a company of 20 employees.  A big part of this growth comes from the philosophy that owner, Mr. David Kellis instills throughout the company.  He believes in treating every customer with integrity and respect.  He expects all […]

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February 25, 2013
They're Back .....

Apparently Punxsutawney Phil and Birmingham Bill were right about an early Spring this year.  One of the few “winter is over” signs that no one wants to see has happened …. termites have swarmed. Usually temperatures have to be near 70 degrees after a rain shower, but several termite colonies thought it was close enough […]

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May 21, 2012
Mr Bugg's Issues A Warm Welcome

     Last month Kelly and Linda Rutherford, owners of Kelly’s Termite & Pest Control, decided it was time to retire.  Due to their long association with the owner of Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, David Kellis, they felt very comfortable asking him to take over serving the termite control needs of their customers.  Kelly and Linda […]

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October 18, 2011
Have Termites Will Travel

As the temperatures finally begin to drop many homeowners’ thoughts turn to landscaping.  Whether we don the gloves and dive in or grab a pencil and start the planning stage, one very important factor to consider are the materials to be used for borders or retaining walls. One popular material, the railroad tie, has been […]

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