Common Winter Pests in Alabama

Common Winter Pests in Alabama

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winter pests
winter pests

Pests threaten the fun during the summer in Alabama but can make winter just as dreadful. Thanks to the mild temperatures in Auburn, Opelika, and the surrounding areas, pests thrive in the habitat and come out to play year-round.  While pests like mosquitoes aren’t a concern during the winter, other pests come inside searching for warmth and food and can take over a home in a matter of weeks.

Stink Bugs

A medium-sized, dull-brown bug, the Stink Bug emits a foul odor if it's squished. They come indoors to stay warm during the winter. Walls exposed to direct sunlight are the Stink bug’s favorite hangout spot.

Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies are beautiful in appearance but the beauty doesn’t mitigate the damage they cause to your property as they head south in response to dropping temperatures. Monarch butterflies often swarm together and nestle in trees.

Wood-Loving Insects

Firewood and other wood sources attract numerous critters including spiders, wood beetles, and termites. Each of the three pests presents dangers to your family and property. In fact, termites can destroy a home in a few short weeks.


Ladybugs do not cause danger to people or pets. Instead, the ladybug is an adored pest most people like to see because they think it brings them good luck. Like Stink bugs, the ladybug emits an odor if it is crushed. Ladybugs hang out in grass and gardens during the summer but seek shelter for warmth when temperatures drop.

Ready to Prevent Winter Time Pests?

We are here to help! Prevent winter pest infestations and the problems they create with help from pest control professionals. We offer residential and commercial services to keep your property pest-free all year long. We also offer rodent control services. For the best prices and most effective pest control service across Alabama, give us a call first.

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