5 Signs of Termites

5 Signs of Termites

signs of termites

Termites wreak havoc on homes, often going weeks or months unnoticed, giving enough time to completely destroy the home’s structure. Termites feast on the cellulose found inside of wood, causing significant damage of which repairs can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is an alternative and that’s to be termite-aware. Learn the warning signs suggestive of termite infestations and take action at the first sign of trouble. Prompt action saves time, hassle, and plenty of money.

The five most common warning signs of a termite infestation:

1.  Termite Swarms

Termite swarmers come out into the open most any time of the year, but the species and weather impact when you’ll likely spot them. If you suspect termites infestation on your property, walk around the home ever so often to check things out. You’re far more likely to notice swarmers- and other signs of termites- when you inspect the property. Formosan and subterranean termites swarm on warm days, typically after rainfall. During the winter, swarms might appear inside heated buildings. The easter subterranean termite swarms during daylight hours from February to May. The Formosan termite swarms at night during the late spring.

2.  Mud Tunnels

Termites build mud tunnels to help them travel unnoticed from your home to their colony and food source. Pretty clever, we must admit. Mud tunnels are brownish colored and made using salvia, dirt, and other items. Termites usually build mud tunnels low to the ground near windows. Inspect the home for mud tunnels and call Mr. Buggs if you spot one or more of them to get one of our experts out for an inspection.

3.  Termite Droppings

Identifying termite droppings is sometimes tricky since it doesn’t look anything like “normal” feces. Instead, termite droppings appear in sawdust or grainy form and are found in piles. If you notice these build-ups around the house, there are probably termites nearby even if they have gone unnoticed.

4.  Discarded Wings

Especially common after swarmers come out of the colony, discarded wings can be found on windowsills and other areas of the property.  Swarmers lose their wings shortly after takeoff. When you notice discarded wings, call Mr. Buggs for an effective termites solution.

5.  Bloated or Buckled Wood

The most common indication of termites is bloated or buckled wood. Bloated or buckling wood may appear damaged, which is a good indicator termites have eaten through it. Wood may also sound hollow inside if you knock on it, indicating termites have eaten all the cellulose from the structure.

If you notice one or more warning signs from this list, stop what you are doing and pick up the phone. Termite control services resolve problems with this pest while protecting your home against future damage and your wallet from expensive repairs.

Termite Control

Termites should not instill fear into anyone but that happens without the peace of mind offered by regular termite control service from Mr. Bugg’s. We provide inspections, treat current infestations, and prevent future occurrences of termites using state-of-the-art treatments including the Sentricon system.

Our caring pest control experts want nothing more than to keep termites far from your home. Give us a call today to receive a free no-obligation estimate or to schedule an inspection. We bring peace of mind your way.