Pest Control - Why is it Important?

Pest Control - Why is it Important?

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why pest control is important
why pest control is important

Pests annoy us, but more troublesomely, they damage property and carry diseases that can be transmitted to pets and humans. Maintaining a pest-free home helps forego unexpected hassles and expenses while protecting our peace of mind.

Pests affect us 24/7/365, although different pests may come out during the summer than what you’ll see at night. For example, wasps and mosquitoes generally swarm during the summer while Stink bugs and rodents become problematic when it's cold outside.

Fast Facts About Pests

Before we divulge information about keeping pests out of your home, take a look at a few fast facts everyone should know:

  • Cockroaches carry disease they transmit through feces
  • The pest is the most common found in Alabama homes.
  • Cockroaches can live for several days without a head
  • Only male crickets sing, doing so to help female crickets find them
  • There are more than 35,000 species of spiders
  • Ants never sleep
  • Don't let the name confuse you: bed bugs can live most anywhere in the home
  • Mosquitos have an average lifespan of 7 days
  • The NC State Extension website says it would take one termite colony approximately five months to eat an entire home. A single termite would take more than 3,000 years to eat an entire home.

How to Keep Pests Outside

Pests enjoy the warmth, comfort, and food found inside homes, though the feelings of happiness aren't met by the occupants of the home. Keep pests out of your home with the following simple and easy tips.

  • Keep gutters clean and damage-free. Experts recommend annual gutter cleanings to protect the home.
  • Regularly inspect the home for cracks and holes in doorways, walls, floors, and windows that provide pests easy access inside the home
  • Cover vents with wire mesh
  • Repair any leaks at the first sign of a problem
  • Minimize the use of wood for outdoor landscaping and other projects. Never store wood nearby the house

How to Create a Less-Attractive Home to Pests

While decorating a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing home tops the list of goals for most homeowners, no one wants pests to be attractive in this situation. To create a home less attractive to pests, the following tips can help.

  • Wipe down countertops, tables, and appliances after each use, making sure all crumbs are wiped off.
  • Sweep the floor each day and vacuum at least once per week. Clean up any spills immediately.
  • Don't forget to periodically clean kitchen cabinets and cupboards which may not get the same attention as other areas of the home
  • Take out trash and never allow it to compound in the home
  • Declutter the house so pests have no hiding places

Pests never miss an opportunity to sneak into a warm, comfortable home where lots of food is nearby. They’ll enter the home through any crack or crevice they find, squeezing through what some consider “impossible” spots. They can even come into the home on pets, from outside sources/ guests, and through purchases that you make.

Why Control Pests?

Pests multiply quickly. The last thing you want is to share a home with pests scurrying across walls and floors day and night. They destroy property and food and can even damage the structure of the home if given the chance. Pests even carry diseases and can transmit them through feces and bites. What a scary thought!

If the above tips do not suffice the efforts to maintain a pest-free home or you want the added protection offered by professional pest control services, give Mr. Bugg's a call. We’ll bring in the hard stuff and treat the pest problem wreaking havoc on your life. Whether you notice or suspect a problem with cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, rodents, or something else, we have the solution.

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