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Who Are You Feeding After Dark???

Many homeowners are bird lovers who keep seed filled feeders in the yard. Watching our feathered friends stop by for a meal is certainly enjoyable but …. have you ever wondered who is eating from the feeder at night? For a hint think squirrel without the bushy tail …. that’s right, rats and mice are […]

Myth Buster/Fact or Fiction

The continually changing weather conditions have caused homeowners to experience unusually high rodent activity recently. We thought this would be a good time to dispel some urban myths about rodents and rodent bait. Fact or fiction ….. There are rodent baits that embalm the mouse/rat so it doesn’t smell when it dies.   Fiction! Though we […]

Are You Growing Self Seeding Flowers Or Feeding Mice???

Mice are highly adaptable, so much so that they have a world wide distribution. Found throughout the world, from tropical climates to arctic regions, mice even thrive in temperatures of -10 degrees. Their highly developed sense of smell enables mice to detect bird seed in feeders and pet food in dishes. This heightened sense of […]

Pre-Fall/Fall Checklist

Temperatures start dropping ….check; football season starts ….check; leaves begin changing colors …. check; mice move indoors …. che….wait, mice what??? Yes, unfortunately it’s true. Just as cooler temperatures, football kick-offs and leaves dropping from the trees is inevitable, so too is mice looking for a way to move indoors. Since mice are excellent climbers, […]

No Vacancy!!!

Although some people consider mice so adorable you can find them for sale at local pet stores, when a mouse finds a way into our homes uninvited, it’s far from cute! Homeowners can be subject to a mouse invasion any time of the year but, they are most commonly experienced during the fall and winter […]

Are Those Chocolate Sprinkles or …..??

Along with the usual holiday visitors, some homeowners may be playing host to some “un” usual guests of the four-legged variety.  And no, we don’t mean Spot, the Dalmatian that Uncle Joe won’t leave home without. Because of the colder temperatures, and the depletion of their usual food source, mice and even rats may view […]

Why Mr Bugg’s Pest Patrol is Top Choice for Pest Control in Birmingham

Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, Inc. was established in 1980 as a one-man business and has since grown to a company of 20 employees.  A big part of this growth comes from the philosophy that owner, Mr. David Kellis instills throughout the company.  He believes in treating every customer with integrity and respect.  He expects all […]

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire …. Along With?

With true Christmas weather here at last, many homeowners will be cranking up the fire place in the weeks to come.  As you venture toward the wood pile to collect the evenings fuel, keep in mind you may bring in more than you bargained for.  Many pests of the four, six and eight legged variety […]

Leaves and Lady Bugs

This time of year in Alabama is especially beautiful with the trees dressed in their best fall colors.  Once the trees decide to let go of their fall finery though and the leaves start piling up on the ground it’s important for homeowners to brave the elements and grab a rake.    As the leaves […]