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Fall Has Finally Fell … Fallen …. Autumn Is Here!!!

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Between the dropping temperatures and ongoing drought, many “outdoor” pests have decided indoors is the place to be. These unfavorable conditions are responsible for an increase in American Roach sightings in basements, kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and on and on. American Roaches are the species commonly referred to as “large enough to throw a saddle […]

All Roaches Were Not Created Equal

While it is not unheard of to see several different types of roaches inside, only a few are capable of actually infesting a home.  Roaches that nest outside, including American, Oriental and Smoky Brown require high moisture content in their environment.  These roaches generally do not reproduce inside and therefore won’t have the population explosions […]

A New Roach???? Just What We Needed …..NOT!!

As if homeowners didn’t have enough pests to contend with, there is a new roach currently in Southern Alabama and Florida, which we can expect to see at some point. To really confuse the issue this Asian Roach looks identical to the German Roach (the most common “indoor” roach) but has the same habitat as […]