Animal Control

Who Are You Feeding After Dark???

Many homeowners are bird lovers who keep seed filled feeders in the yard. Watching our feathered friends stop by for a meal is certainly enjoyable but …. have you ever wondered who is eating from the feeder at night? For a hint think squirrel without the bushy tail …. that’s right, rats and mice are […]

Coyotes Spotted In Subdivisions In Clay Alabama

Homeowners in several subdivisions in Clay have reported sightings of coyotes roaming the streets. Coyotes are nocturnal carnivores whose diet consists mostly of rabbits, rodents, birds, lizards, snakes, fish, insects and, potentially, the family pet. Because coyotes feed mostly on smaller prey, their family unit usually consists of a small group centered around a reproductive […]

Are You Growing Self Seeding Flowers Or Feeding Mice???

Mice are highly adaptable, so much so that they have a world wide distribution. Found throughout the world, from tropical climates to arctic regions, mice even thrive in temperatures of -10 degrees. Their highly developed sense of smell enables mice to detect bird seed in feeders and pet food in dishes. This heightened sense of […]

Lost And Found Kitten!!!

While performing a wild life trap check this morning, we found something unexpected. This poor little thing had wandered away from home, found his way into our trap and was impatiently waiting for us. A nearby veterinarian estimates him/her to be between 6 and 8 months old. Found off of Chalkville Mountain Road, in the […]

You Saw A What Where?!?

It would seem that we are hearing more frequent reports of somewhat unexpected visitors of the “wild” variety … and we don’t mean the nieces and nephews!  A number of various wildlife species are making their presence felt around our homes and businesses. The turkey that greeted us one morning in the middle of Birmingham […]

Who Is Eating Rover’s Food?

Raccoons, like most wildlife, can be very entertaining …. when they know their place and stay there.  However if a raccoon decides to become an “un-paying tenant,” his entertainment value can lose its luster rather quickly. Raccoons are opportunistic eaters and are also nocturnal; therefore, any food left out over night, from bird seed in […]

Are Those Chocolate Sprinkles or …..??

Along with the usual holiday visitors, some homeowners may be playing host to some “un” usual guests of the four-legged variety.  And no, we don’t mean Spot, the Dalmatian that Uncle Joe won’t leave home without. Because of the colder temperatures, and the depletion of their usual food source, mice and even rats may view […]