For an opportunity to see the latest in design trends and to meet the building and remodeling professionals who can make your dream home a reality, the place to be is The Building and Remodeling Expo.  This event, hosted by the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders, will take place Friday March 20th through Sunday […]


We are frequently questioned about what affect the cold weather and snow has on insects that could cause problems for homeowners.  As this picture illustrates, livings things, including insects, WILL adapt and survive.  Because many insects naturally have a dormant period, they can very easily outlast the brief cold periods and, even briefer, snows experienced […]

No Vacancy!!!

Although some people consider mice so adorable you can find them for sale at local pet stores, when a mouse finds a way into our homes uninvited, it’s far from cute! Homeowners can be subject to a mouse invasion any time of the year but, they are most commonly experienced during the fall and winter […]

Buyer Beware!!!

Although looking for good deals is a great idea, sometimes you can get more than you bargained for.  Second hand furniture for example can have “added benefits” that a purchaser would be much better off without. The table and chairs or china cabinet that seems like a good buy, can in fact be costly when […]

It’s Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas!!!

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner already. Since several local radio stations have started playing Christmas music, I thought now would be a good time for our annual spider reminder blog.  Prior to retrieving the holiday decorations from the attic, basement, shed, crawlspace etc., remember to don long […]

And The Kick Is ………..

Fall temperatures, football and back yard barbeques, what could be better?!  Many homeowners are taking advantage of the cooler days to enjoy some quality time in the yard with family and friends.  Sometimes the “quality time” is cut short when, instead of enjoying a meal, we become one thanks to mosquitoes. As the temperatures drop, […]