A New Spin On “Coon-Dog”?????

A New Spin On “Coon-Dog”?????

By webdevAugust 15, 2014No Comments

raccoon dogWhile it’s quite common to hear of raccoons feeding from bird feeders, outdoor pet food dishes and trash cans, we ran into something a little different this week.  Apparently this guy had a different interpretation of “coon-dog” and decided to make use of a doggy door to get into the house for the cat food.

Raccoons are nocturnal and normally found in wooded areas where they feed mainly on insects, grubs and slugs.  As we dislocate raccoons by clearing their natural habitat to build homes and roads, raccoons relocate themselves into our neighborhoods.  Frequently they are drawn into our yards by their excellent sense of smell which is used to locate new food sources in the form of bird seed, squirrel food, pet food, pond fish and garbage.

To avoid putting out a “raccoon welcome mat”, be sure to have tight fitting trash can lids, don’t leave pet food or bird seed in feeders overnight and treat grub infestations in your yard when they occur.

If you should be experiencing a problem with raccoons, any other wildlife or general pests, please contact Mr. Bugg’s for an evaluation today.

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