You Saw A What Where?!?

You Saw A What Where?!?

By webdevMarch 28, 2014No Comments

turkeyIt would seem that we are hearing more frequent reports of somewhat unexpected visitors of the "wild" variety … and we don’t mean the nieces and nephews!  A number of various wildlife species are making their presence felt around our homes and businesses.

The turkey that greeted us one morning in the middle of Birmingham is just one example of wildlife making themselves “at home.”  As we disturb their environment in the quest for our “dream home,” they may be left with no choice other than to stick around.

While some wildlife species are actually beneficial, few homeowners want to share their “castle” with them.  To minimize playing host to unwanted “pets,” be sure not to leave bird seed or pet food out over night.  Removing clutter from the yard and having well sealed trash cans will also aid in discouraging visits from wildlife.

If you are currently encountering a problem with wildlife, or any other pest, please contact us today for an evaluation.  

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