What do Lady Bugs and Bears have in common?

What do Lady Bugs and Bears have in common?

By webdevOctober 20, 2010No Comments

Would you believe they both hibernate? Ordinarily lady beetles are not a nuisance; they feed on ornamental pests like aphids and whiteflies and are considered by some to be good luck. Lady beetles, and a number of other “occasional invader” insects, hibernate during the colder months of winter, frequently in our yards. 

While Bears look for caves or dens which provide insulation from the dropping temperatures, lady beetles prefer leaf piles and other debris. Lady beetles are especially attracted to buildings with sunny, western exposures and can crawl into a structure through the smallest of cracks. 

This is another reason it is important to rake leaves several times during the fall and not allow piles to build up for prolonged periods of time. Add to this the possible damage that can result from leaves retaining moisture against the siding or roof and it makes the effort well worth while. 

Along with using caulking or foam sealants to block their access, maintaining the yard and keeping the roof and gutters free of leaf clutter and other debris will minimize a lady beetle invasion as well as other occasional invaders.

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