It’s that time of the year again, and you may already be noticing some ant beds beginning to pop up. 

With the recent addition of a couple of warm days here and there, the fire ants have begun to get active again. During the winter, fire ants go deep under ground where it is warmer. 

They stay deep below the surface in a dormant state awaiting the return of warmer weather, at which time they emerge in all their glory…unfortunately in your yard. 

A single fire ant mound can contain more than two hundred THOUSAND fire ants, and this could potentially be very dangerous for a small child or pet. 

 Now is the time of year, before fire ants are in full swing to have your yard treated. A granular based application will offer even and continuous coverage of your lawn, while remaining safe for both you and your family, including your pets, to enjoy your lawn. 

The earlier in the year that this is done, the more effective the treatment will be. Don’t wait too long…take control of your lawn before the fire ants do!