They're Back .....

They're Back .....

By webdevFebruary 25, 2013No Comments

Apparently Punxsutawney Phil and Birmingham Bill were right about an early Spring this year.  One of the few “winter is over” signs that no one wants to see has happened …. termites have swarmed.

Usually temperatures have to be near 70 degrees after a rain shower, but several termite colonies thought it was close enough last week.  If you should happen to encounter a swarm, there are three quick keys to tell if the flying insects are swarming termites or flying ants.

Swarming termites have two sets of wings, equal in length, considerably longer than their body.  Flying ants also have two sets of wings; however one set is shorter than the other, with the longer set slightly longer or shorter than their body.  Swarming termites have a wide body while flying ants have a pinched waist, just like a non-flying ant.   Lastly, swarming termites have straight antennae while flying ants have elbowed or “bent” antennae.

If you should experience swarming termites, flying ants, or any other pest, we hope you’ll allow Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol the opportunity to serve your termite or pest control needs. 

Call today for a free evaluation and estimate.        

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