The Flea Circus Is Back

The Flea Circus Is Back

By webdevJune 7, 2013No Comments

Remember the days of the sideshow flea circus …. you weren’t sure if fleas were moving the miniature playground equipment or if it was a trick?   Well, if the flea circus is run by fleas, recruiting employees won’t be difficult in the coming weeks. 

Fleas have been making a come back for several years, though the reason for the resurgence is still under debate.  Some argue that fleas have become resistant to the products provided by veterinarians, others that pet owners have switched to over-the-counter products. 

One consensus not under debate is that fleas can be difficult to control.  Because of their life cycle, it is easy to underestimate the severity of a flea infestation.  Generally the homeowner is aware of only the adult stage, which is the least numerous of the four stages a flea goes through.  Add to this a pupa, or cocoon stage, which no pesticide can penetrate, and you can see the difficulty flea control poses.

While flea control is not easy, it is possible.  If you happen to be providing a flea circus with employment, call Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol today to have the circus “run out of town”.

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