Termite Prevention

Termite Prevention

By webdevFebruary 12, 2009No Comments

One of the most common questions that we get is, "What can I do to help prevent termites from infesting my house?"  

First, make sure to minimize the amount of old wood and lumber around your home or underneath porches and decks.  Keep mulch and pine straw in your flowerbeds from building up and becoming stale. 

Instead of just adding new mulch and pine straw, a good tip to remember is to first remove the old material with a rake or some gloves (This will also help to reduce the amount of household pests such as spiders, earwigs, silverfish, etc...).

Finally, be aware of any leakages that could result in a constant moisture problem around your home.  Termites, like all insects, need water to survive, so eliminating this source will go a long way in termite prevention.

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