Sugarcane Beetles

Sugarcane Beetles

By webdevOctober 26, 2009No Comments

While records show Sugarcane Beetles have been around since before the Civil War they have gone largely unnoticed in our area until recently. 

This ½ inch robust black beetle is currently causing a nuisance around a number of structures.  Because they fly at night and are strongly attracted to lights they may be found in great numbers around commercial or residential properties with bright outdoor lighting. 

Like most scarab beetles they can be difficult to control with pesticides as the residuals left after an application are not sufficient to kill the next nights' invasion.   

Lighting management is the key to minimizing a potential Sugarcane Beetle infestation.  The yellow "bug lights" really do attract fewer insects but if not a practical solution for a commercial property Sodium vapor lights are a good alternative.

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