Spiders .... Pest or Pest Control?

Spiders .... Pest or Pest Control?

By webdevApril 22, 2013No Comments

All spiders are predators and feed on living prey, usually insects.  While this can make spiders beneficial in reducing insect populations, most homeowners still consider them a pest, not pest control. 

The best way to prevent a spider infestation is to minimize the availability of their food source.  A number of insects are nocturnal and attracted to light, hence the theory behind the “bug zapper”.  Insects are attracted to standard exterior lighting as well as the light shining through windows from inside.  Spiders take advantage of the absence of a “zapper” and invite visitors to dinner, as the main course.  

 To help make your home less attractive to insects change standard exterior bulbs to sodium vapor bulbs or yellow “bug lights”.  Keeping the grass short and watering the lawn in the morning, instead of at night, will also assist in reducing insect populations and therefore spider sightings.

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