Sometimes You Don’t Want The “Free Extras”!!

Sometimes You Don’t Want The “Free Extras”!!

By webdevDecember 5, 2013No Comments

railroad ties 2Many homeowners are taking advantage of the warmer temperatures to do some last minute landscaping before the winter cold locks us indoors.  To all those dedicated yard aficionados, for the good of your home and your neighbors’ homes, do not use recycled railroad ties in your landscaping endeavors. 

While the purchase price of used railroad ties might make them seem like a good landscaping choice, the potential cost of using them could be astronomical.  The introduction of Formosan Termite Colonies into areas previously uninfested has long been associated with the use of recycled railroad ties. 

Because of the massive size of Formosan Termite colonies they have the potential to cause significantly more damage to homes than native Subterranean Termites.  Additionally Formosan Termites have the ability to form nests in wall voids above ground and therefore avoid being exposed to traditional treatment methods.

For the sake of the major investment of your home, and your neighbors’ homes, by pass used railroad ties and instead pick landscaping timbers or concrete borders for your landscaping needs. 

Happy landscaping and please think of Mr. Bugg’s for all your pest control needs.

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