Mice and Rats in the Home

Mice and Rats in the Home

By webdevOctober 5, 2010No Comments

It's beginning to cool off out there...and the mice know it!  This is the time of the year when the drop in temperature causes the mice to begin looking for warmer climates.

And your nice, cozy living room may be just the accomodations they are looking for!  Exclusion is the best line of first defense against rodents getting into the home but can be difficult since a mouse needs only ¼ of an inch for access. 

Replacing weather stripping and thresholds as needed, use of copper mesh to fill small gaps around pipes and utility lines and taking proper steps to eliminate larger accesses will help minimize rodents' access into the home. 

Other worth while steps are to not leave seed in bird feeders or pet food outside after dark and to reduce possible harborage areas outside such as overgrown shrubs, leaf piles or other debris. 

An added benefit to reducing these harborage areas is that you will reduce the amount of areas that are suitable for some insects, such as ladybugs, to overwinter in. 

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