Kudzu Bugs …. They’re baaack!!!

Kudzu Bugs …. They’re baaack!!!

By webdevOctober 21, 2013No Comments

If you live in the greater Birmingham area, and have NOT been bothered by Kudzu bugs, the rest of us would like to know your secret.  While last year’s sightings seemed to be significant, the current invasion of Kudzu Bugs has put last year’s to shame. 

The Kudzu Bug is roughly square shaped, about ¼ of an inch long and dark brown with light tan spots.  A word to the wise, do not swat or squish this pest as it possesses a strong odor, like a stink bug, and will stain surfaces.

This pest is currently looking for a place to overwinter and will take advantage of any holes in screens, gaps in caulking around windows or doors and any other crack to make your home theirs. 

To minimize the chance of an interior infestation of Kudzu Bugs maintain exterior screening, weather stripping and caulking in good repair.  As this pest will also find harborage in leaf piles and other yard debris, frequent raking and removal of leaves will assist in minimizing interior infestations.       

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