Is It Our Home Or Theirs???

Is It Our Home Or Theirs???

By webdevNovember 15, 2012No Comments

wildlife controlImagine that your extended family has lived on the same property for generations.  Suddenly an outsider appears, levels the entire dwelling, and builds a brand new home.   Looking at it this way is it really any surprise that various wildlife species invade our homes? 

 The exterior siding of our homes can provide as easy a climbing surface as the trees in which some wildlife originally made their homes.  Power lines and other utility lines attached to the house double as “sidewalks” for wildlife to access the roof.  Trees close to the house work great as springboards in case the “sidewalk” is not an option. 

 Periodically inspect, and replace as needed, the hard ware cloth screening that covers crawl space vents, attic gable vents and chimney caps as well as seal gaps where utility lines enter into the home.  Trim back the trees near the home so that no branches are within five feet of the roof.  Make sure outside trash cans have tight fitting lids and encourage outdoor pets to finish dinner before dark. 

Performing regular routine maintenance on your home and yard, such as the ones described above, will go a long way toward discouraging uninvited guests.  If you’ve taken these steps, and are still having an issue, please contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol for a wildlife control evaluation.

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