Help!!...My Home is Infested With Spiders!

Help!!...My Home is Infested With Spiders!

By webdevJune 9, 2009No Comments

This is the time of year when the spider population seems to be at its peak.  It is hot out there, and what's worse is that it appears that the rain is unfortunately a scarcity at best.

For this reason a number of pests have been searching for the same thing we are....water, and they seem to be looking for it in our homes.  Here are some simple tips that you as a homeowner can do to help eliminate the problem. 

The first step is the removal of any spider webs, egg sacs, and potential harborage that spiders could nest in, under, or behind. To do this, try using a broom or a vacuum with a long extension hose.  Next, make sure crawl spaces and attics are well-ventilated.  This reduces the amount of moisture that could accumulate, thusly reducing the amount of other pests that spiders tend to prey upon. 

Finally, try changing your exterior lighting.  "What on earth do my lights have to do with spiders?!" Well, believe it or not, the exterior lights around your home attract insects. The more insects that are attracted to the lights means more food for the spiders to prey upon.

Research has shown that replacing your mercury vapor lights with sodium vapor lights can help reduce the "attractiveness" of your lights to insects.  Good luck!!!s

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