Who Is Eating Rover's Food?

Who Is Eating Rover's Food?

By webdevJanuary 22, 2014No Comments

RaccoonRaccoons, like most wildlife, can be very entertaining …. when they know their place and stay there.  However if a raccoon decides to become an “un-paying tenant,” his entertainment value can lose its luster rather quickly.

Raccoons are opportunistic eaters and are also nocturnal; therefore, any food left out over night, from bird seed in the feeder to dog food on the porch, is fair game.  While they do like to eat grubs and other insects, they also enjoy going through trashcans, so nothing is really “off limits” to this enterprising pest.

Like many unwanted critters, raccoons frequently damage vent covers, louvers, windows and carpentry to gain entry into attics, chimney flues, basements and crawlspaces.  While simply repairing the damage to prevent reentry might seem like a good idea, making SURE all the raccoons have left for good is an essential first step. 

If trapped inside, a raccoon can become even more destructive getting back out again.  Not to mention a “Mom” will go to any length to get back to her babies, and she can be very aggressive and destructive in the process.

The art of removing and excluding raccoons and other wildlife can take years to perfect.  At Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, we have the expertise and resources necessary to solve all your wildlife control needs. 


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