Cowboy Ants???

Cowboy Ants???

By webdevMay 3, 2013No Comments

Over the many years of their existence ants have been called a lot of different names, a number of which can’t be repeated on a family friendly website.  Many homeowners are encountering ants in pet food dishes, flower pots, trash cans, bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, flower beds and any number of other locations. 

Only ten percent of the colony will be foraging at once, and rarely in the same place, so just killing the ants you see will seldom take care of the problem.  It can take some real detective work, and a variety of chemistries, to provide significant control of ant populations. 

For instance ants are “ranchers” who keep aphids as livestock for the honeydew they produce.  If all other food sources seem to be unavailable remember to check your plants, and you might find the reason the ants are attracted to your home.

At Mr. Bugg’s we have all the resources and knowledge required to control this persistent pest, and we’ll be glad to put those resources at your disposal. 

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