Are Those Chocolate Sprinkles or …..??

Are Those Chocolate Sprinkles or …..??

By webdevDecember 18, 2013No Comments

rat_facing_forwardAlong with the usual holiday visitors, some homeowners may be playing host to some “un” usual guests of the four-legged variety.  And no, we don’t mean Spot, the Dalmatian that Uncle Joe won’t leave home without.

Because of the colder temperatures, and the depletion of their usual food source, mice and even rats may view a welcome mat as an invitation.  Their physiology allows mice and even rats fairly easy access into our homes.  A rat needs only a ½ inch gap to make our home his, and a mouse needs only ¼ of an inch.

This time of year our pantries are either well stocked with ingredients for the traditional holiday recipes or finished dishes ready for gifting.  In either case, while we are settling down for “visions of sugar plums”, there is a chance mice and/or rats are settling into a feast.

To minimize the chances of hosting “Mickey” and his numerous friends, seal all gaps around the perimeter of the home.  Reducing clutter both inside and outside will decrease possible nesting sites and diminish the chances of a mouse or rat infestation.

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