Bats In The Belfries???

Bats In The Belfries???

By webdevSeptember 25, 2012No Comments

Many homeowners experienced a wildlife invasion earlier this year that appeared to take care of it self ….. eventually.  Be aware, however, chances are the invasion is apt to be repeated unless steps are taken to prevent it. 

 Many wildlife species find their way into our homes to birth and nurture their young, then leave when the young are self sufficient.  Some wildlife species, including swifts and bats, are protected while caring for their young. 

 To avoid dealing with the inconvenience, noise, property damage and health risks caused by a wildlife invasion, now is the time to prevent their possible return.   Whether its bats in your belfries, swifts in your chimney,  squirrels in your attic or opossums in your crawl space, Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol has the experience and resources necessary to take care of unwanted guests.

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