Armadillos - Opossum On The Half Shell

Armadillos - Opossum On The Half Shell

By webdevAugust 3, 2012No Comments

     Recently we have received numerous calls regarding Armadillos running wild.  Because they burrow, feed on grubs, earthworms and the occasional plant, Armadillos can wreak havoc on homeowners’ landscaping.  Since “Opossums on the Half Shell” are mostly nocturnal, some homeowners may be unaware of the source of the damage to lawns and gardens.      

      One control method involves eradicating their food source; however, this usually results in more extensive damage as the Armadillos become more aggressive in digging for food.  A better and quicker method for control is to physically remove the Armadillo through trapping.

      If you should encounter problems with these “Opossums On The Half Shell”, or any other nuisance wildlife, we hope you’ll count on our experience and resourses to make the issue a thing of the past.          

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