A New Roach???? Just What We Needed …..NOT!!

A New Roach???? Just What We Needed …..NOT!!

By webdevSeptember 12, 2012No Comments

As if homeowners didn’t have enough pests to contend with, there is a new roach currently in Southern Alabama and Florida, which we can expect to see at some point.

To really confuse the issue this Asian Roach looks identical to the German Roach (the most common “indoor” roach) but has the same habitat as the American Roach (the most common “outdoor” roach).  The Asian Roach lives and breeds in mulch, pine straw and other materials used in flower beds to retain moisture, just like the American Roach. 

 Short of a very high powered microscope and dissection the best way to determine if the specimen is German or Asian is ….. to throw it into the air.  An Asian Roach flies and is attracted to light where a German Roach does not fly and prefers the dark.

 This new species of roach is yet another good reason not to relocate plants from other areas and to maintain mulch levels at not more than two inches.  At Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, Inc. we stay up to date on anticipated issues and are therefore better prepared to serve all your pest control needs.  

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