What Is The Difference Between A Stump And A House?



If you happen to be a termite, there IS no difference, both are simply food.   To a termite, the wood used to build our homes is no different than a tree stump in the yard. 

      While termites serve an important role in recycling the world’s forests, when they turn their appetites loose on our homes, they are no longer thought of as beneficial.  The same social behavior that enables a termite colony to find an recycle dead trees, allows them to find and damage the wooden components of our homes. 

      In the Spring, one of those social behaviors is evident as swarms of reproductive termites leave their existing colonies in order to form new ones.  The swarming termites may come from a stump or wooded area outside, however they can also be an indication of an infestation inside a home. 

      Swarming termites are most commonly observed in the morning after rain showers.  While finding winged termites inside may not necessarily be cause for panic, having a professional evaluate the situation is always a good idea.

      If you have seen swarming termites, or wings in windowsills, call Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol today for a FREE evaluation.