Vectors Of The Zika Virus Could Be In Your Back Yard!!

Vectors Of The Zika Virus Could Be In Your Back Yard!!

healthy baby
Healthy Baby

According to a recent article in USA Today, the CDC has increasing concerns as more is discovered about the Zika Virus.  Additional birth defects have been attributed to the Zika virus with risk of potential exposure lasting for a longer period than previously thought.

Aedes mosquitoes, responsible for transmission of the virus, breed in standing water in buckets, bowls, flower pots, vases and animal dishes frequently found in homeowners’ back yards.  This mosquito’s preferred meal choice is people, and the female will feed during the day or at night.  

To prevent spreading the virus, an infected person should avoid mosquito bites altogether.  However most people with the Zika virus don’t know they have been infected which creates a catch 22 situation.

Even without these serious health concern issues, mosquitoes can ruin what should be an enjoyable outdoor gathering.  At Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol we are pleased to provide the greater Birmingham area a solution to this dilemma through our Mosquito Reduction Service.

Our mosquito reduction program includes monthly habitat modification consultations, insect growth regulator applications for standing water and residual treatments to shady areas where mosquitoes lurk.  The combination of these steps will minimize the mosquito population inhabiting your yard and interfering with your quality outdoor time.         

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