Undercover Spiders!!!!

Undercover Spiders!!!!

hidden spidersThough it may seem that spiders suddenly appear now and then, the truth may be ….. they were always there. 

As this picture indicates, spiders can be very abundant in naturalized landscapes.  Most species remain hidden for the most part, in fact the evidence of these funnel spiders disappeared soon after the picture was taken. 

All spiders are predatory, feeding on living prey, usually insects.  While spiders are beneficial in reducing insect populations, most homeowners still consider them more pest than pest control. 

In order to reduce a spider population around a home, first reduce their food source.  Changing standard exterior bulbs to sodium vapor bulbs or yellow “bug lights” will help make your home less attractive to insects.  Keeping the grass short, raking and removing fallen leaves or pine straw and removing debris from the lawn will also assist in reducing insect populations and therefore spider sightings.

If you should be experiencing a problem with spiders, or any other pest, please call Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol for an evaluation.