Tips for Fall Pests

Tips for Fall Pests

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fall pests
fall pests

Fall is an enjoyable season for everyone. Most people think of staying indoors and wrapping themselves in fleece blankets as they enjoy romantic movies celebrating Thanksgiving. To some, it presents just another season or constant running battles with pests. As the summer dies, fall pests arise, and boy, they can ruin an entire season. Luckily you can always avoid such scenarios with the following tips.

Seal Their Possible Entrances

Fall marks the beginning of the cold run, meaning that the weather outside isn’t pleasant for some pests. They are struggling for shelter and food outdoors. The conditions force them to find a new and more sustainable hunting ground, your home.

To prevent them from invading your home, seal all the possible entrances. Begin with sealing the cracks and edges around your doors and windows, then proceed to check for light leaks in your kitchen and bathroom that large pests like rodents and bats can use. Fill even the tiniest loopholes to keep even insects out.

Ensure that unobvious places like opening in wiring pipes. Most people least like such places, yet they have tiny spaces that rodents can use to get into the house. Install chimney caps and screens for spaces that must stay open like the vents.

Maintain Your Yard

Unkempt lawn, piles of leaves, and untrimmed bushes provide perfect grounds for pests to engage you in guerrilla warfare. They will feed in your home, disappear into your yard, feed on their stock, and then come back for more. An unkempt yard also provides perfect breeding grounds for pests like mosquitoes which lay and nurture their eggs in dumpy areas.

First, deal with this by clearing the shrubs, trimming your lawn, and tidying your forest. Clear any stagnant waters and burn any piles of leaves (you can use biodegradable items for compost manure but make it tidy and away from your home). Keeping a tidy yard means making sure that your drainage is working without any fault to avoid any chances of having stagnant water around the house.

Keep The Kitchen Clean and Store Food Appropriately

Maintain clean kitchen counters and keep your food in airtight containers. Leaving food open attracts cockroaches, rodents, and fruit flies. Besides allergies, these organisms can contaminate your food.

Try to dispose of the kitchen garbage appropriately and avoid accumulating them in the house. Above all, try to clean your kitchen after every meal and do the dishes. Avoid spillovers and store every perishable item in your refrigerator.

Keep A Dry Environment

Most pests thrive in moist environments. Crawl space, basement, attics, and garage all areas in your home that moisture can invade. These areas have limited traffic and provide a perfect habitat for bugs.

Ensure these places have proper ventilation and they do not harbor any humidity. If necessary, invest in a dehumidifier and strategically place them in such places that could attract moisture.

Bottom Line

While the above tips look challenging, they are simple things we choose to neglect at times. For example, things like maintaining a clean kitchen or a tidy yard. They are not rocket science; they only require a bit of dedication. If you get this right, you will have a peaceful indoor fall free from pests. As always, our team at Mr. Bugg's is here to help you with any pest issues you may be having. We are only a call away!

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