There Is Nowhere To Hide From Them!!

There Is Nowhere To Hide From Them!!


Picture this …. after a long day of work, either at the office or at home, you are finally ready to treat yourself to a well deserved break. You grab a refreshing beverage, some reading material or music and head for your perfect “getaway spot” in the yard.  Just as you get comfortable and begin to relax you hear that high pitched whine that let’s you know ….. you are not alone.

Since Birmingham is home to several different species, your break is apt to be intruded upon by mosquitoes.  Some mosquito  species are active during the day while others are active in the evening and, lucky us, we have both types and plenty of them.

Regardless of the period of activity, all mosquitoes require standing water to produce the next generation of annoying blood suckers. To help reduce the population of mosquitoes around your property, the first step is to search out and remove potential breeding sites.  Any item in the yard which can retain water for seven days, even one as small as a bottle cap, is a potential breeding site.

In the course of providing Mosquito Reduction Services for our clients, we first evaluate the property to assist with elimination of breeding sites. In the event the water can not be eliminated, an insect growth regulator will be utilized to prevent larval development.  After this first essential step, we then perform a residual treatment to the shaded areas the adult mosquitoes use for resting sites.

Numerous customers in the greater Birmingham area have found our Mosquito Reduction Services to be extremely beneficial.  Whether the yard is for your own enjoyment, for your family or for a large gathering, we hope you’ll include Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, Inc. in your yard maintenance plans.

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