The Five Day Count Down Has Started!!!

The Five Day Count Down Has Started!!!

By webdevSeptember 30, 2016No Comments

Everyone loves Lady Bugs; in fact many people even believe it is good luck to have one land on you. Because Lady Bugs eat aphids, and other insects that attack plants, some homeowners are delighted to have Lady Bugs in their gardens.  The problem develops when Lady Bugs invade our homes en-mass which, because of their small size, they can easily do. 

Lady Bugs start looking for their winter homes about five days after temperatures drop in the fall. During the colder months of winter, Lady Bugs hibernate and may do so near our homes in leaf piles or other debris which provides insulation from the dropping temperatures.  They may also find their way indoors into attics or wall voids through torn screens or gaps in weather-stripping, door sweeps and caulking.    

In order to limit harborage sites for Lady Bugs, rake leaves several times during the fall to prevent piles building up. Clearing the gutters and roof valleys of leaves or pine needles will also be beneficial in harborage reduction.  Because damage can result from leaves retaining moisture against the siding or roof, the leaf removal will be well worth the effort.  

Additional steps to minimize indoor invasions of Lady Bugs include replacing worn screening over windows or doors and attic or crawlspace vents. Maintaining caulking, weather stripping and door sweeps will also help prevent Lady Bug invasions as well as helping to reduce heating costs.

If you should be experiencing a problem with Lady Bugs, or any other pest, please contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol today.




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