Sprouting Ant Hills???

sprouting ant hillsAlong with the usual fall flowers, many lawns seem to be sprouting ant mounds the past few weeks. Driving along some road ways it seems ant hills are popping up every few feet. 

The truth is the ants were already there, just hidden mostly under ground. The recent rains have caused ground saturation which the ants responded to by building the nest higher.

The additional nest height allows worker ants to move the eggs, larva and pupae out of the flooded areas in the bottom of the colony.  When the ground water recedes, the ants will safely return to the lower levels again.

Keep in mind however, even though less visible, the ants are still there. Potentially the next sign of their presence could be an ant invasion inside the home.  Some fall yard maintenance will help avoid this unpleasant experience.

Because many ants nest under anything lying on the ground, keeping the yard free of leaves and debris will help reduce ant harborage sites.  Keeping the grass cut short, having tight fitting trash can lids and not leaving pet food outside are additional steps to help prevent an ant infestation.

If you should experience a problem with ants, or any other pest, please call Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol for an evaluation