We say 'goodbye' and 'best wishes' to Susan Taylor!!

We say 'goodbye' and 'best wishes' to Susan Taylor!!

By webdevFebruary 15, 2017No Comments

It is with bittersweet emotion that we say goodbye and farewell to our very own Susan Taylor today.  Since 1990, Susan has been a regular face here at Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, Inc., and today she has decided it is time to “hang up her bug-stompin' shoes.”  After much deliberation, Susan has decided to retire and enjoy the fruits of her labor! Whether it was a friendly voice over the phone or a smiling face in person, Susan has represented our company with the UTMOST professionalism.  Those of you that have worked with Susan can attest to this fact, and we are certainly going to miss her!

Susan began her career with Mr. Bugg’s as a receptionist in our Pelham office, but quickly managed to work her way into the position of General Manager.  Her dedication to her job and her loyalty to our company is second to no one. That work ethic is the precise reason why she was the natural fit to oversee the day-to-day operations of our company.  Over these past 27 years during her tenure here, Mr. Bugg’s has been fortunate to prosper in our industry as one of the premier pest control companies in our community, and there’s no doubt that Susan Taylor is one of the major factors for our success. Her passion for her job each and every day and her genuine level of concern for each and every customer has been a shining example for us all.

So today we say goodbye to Susan, and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.  We know it won’t be the same around here without her bright smile and pleasant disposition, but we will do our best to maintain that same positive attitude.  We know that if we can strive to approach every day and every situation with the same positive mentality that she does, then we will be on the right track to continued success. We will not only be saying goodbye to a co-worker, but we will truly be saying goodbye to a friend. God bless you, Susan, and we will miss you!  Thank you so much for your service to our company, and best of luck in all you do!

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