Pre-Fall/Fall Checklist

Pre-Fall/Fall Checklist

Temperatures start dropping ….check; football season starts ….check; leaves begin changing colors …. check; mice move indoors …. che….wait, mice what???

Yes, unfortunately it’s true. Just as cooler temperatures, football kick-offs and leaves dropping from the trees is inevitable, so too is mice looking for a way to move indoors. Since mice are excellent climbers, and need only ¼ of an inch gap for entrance, home owners unknowingly play host to mice over the fall and winter months.

To minimize the potential for a mouse invasion, first make the area around the home as inhospitable as possible. By keeping the grass short, flower beds tidy, leaves raked and debris or clutter in the yard eliminated, you can reduce potential mice harborage sites.

Mice are nocturnal and, as such, will gladly accept offerings of bird seed, cat or dog food and any refuse that may be left outside after dark. This being the case, by removing outdoor bird feeders and pet food dishes at night, mice will find your home less inviting.

In addition to these steps, basic fall maintenance of the home will help prevent easy access for mice and also lower utility bills in the coming months. If daylight is visible around a door, heat can escape and mice can enter. This is a good time to check for worn weather stripping and window or vent screening in need of replacement.

If you should experience a problem with mice, or any other pest, please contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol for an evaluation today.