Pests and Allergies – Are They Connected?

Pests and Allergies – Are They Connected?

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insect allergies
insect allergies

Allergies rank sixth among the leading chronic diseases that have 50 million Americans suffering from various reactions every year. Insects and rodents are a significant factor contributing to these souring statistics; very few people understand this. If you are in this bracket, you must manage and control pests in your property to eliminate or minimize the degree of your condition. Below are some of the most prevalent pests that cause allergies.

Dust Mites

These are tiny invisible organisms. They are responsible for various allergic reactions such as runny noses, watery eyes, and persistent coughs. These organisms thrive at room temperatures and feed on your dead skins.

They live in hidden places such as spaces in upholding furniture, pillows, carpets, and bedding. The fact that they are invisible makes them hard to control. Vacuuming and cleaning their potential home suspends them in the air and worsens the allergic reactions. The best way to prevent them is by reducing the room temperature by about 60-70% and maintaining it as cold as possible.


Rats, mice, and guinea pigs can trigger allergic reactions to humans that come into contact with them. The allergies come from their droppings, saliva, urine, and skin. The most prevalent allergic symptoms relate to rats and include stuffy nose, eczema, nausea, and itchy skin. These symptoms often escalate to asthma attacks.

Rodents are a bit easy to control; you can do this through traps and sealing up any entryways they may be able to find to gain access to your home. Regular cleaning will go a long way, too, and outdoor cleaning is also essential as bushy areas provide access to these animals.


Cockroaches are some of the most popular and stubborn pests. They can live in a range of temperatures and adapt to most conditions. These insects are responsible for about 7 to 41% of allergies in the United States.

They cause skin rashes, coughing, congestion, postnasal drip, among other symptoms. Cockroach dust is also a significant trigger of asthma attacks, including severe wheezing and tightness in the chest region.

There are several known methods known to control and eliminate cockroaches from homes, including effective home remedies.


Flies are so mobile, moving from house to house and object to object. They collect various allergy-causing bacteria and transport them to your home. One notorious special is the fruit flies; they multiply so fast and cause mayhem within no time. You can always control them by sealing and covering food at all times.

How Do You Know That Your Allergies Originate from Insects or Rodents?

Pest-related allergies are a bit unique. They occur in weeks or months and will only stop when you successfully eliminate the source. The longer the pest lives in your property, the more they multiply. If uncontrolled, this condition may transform from a mere allergy to a more severe condition.

Some allergies are common to all pests, insects, rodents and the like. They range from sore throats, coughs, congestions, body aches, and sneezing. Some symptoms may not be apparent, so you may need to undergo a medical examination to determine your type of allergy. If it is from a pest, take the initiative to fight and eliminate every trace of pest. If you need assistance controlling pests, we would be happy to help, just contact us!

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