Nursery Rhyme Nightmare???

Nursery Rhyme Nightmare???

Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock, and behind the fridge, and under the stove ……. you get the picture.   Mice often make their way into our homes this time of year because of the drop in temperatures and the changes in their outdoor food sources.

Although considered by some so adorable you can find them for sale at local pet stores, when a mouse finds it’s way into our homes uninvited, it is far from cute!   Speaking of pets, homes with pets are more prone to rodent issues than non-pet owner homes.  The reasoning behind this situation is that mice have a highly developed sense of smell, enabling them to detect pet food in dishes and bird seed in feeders.

To minimize the potential for a mouse invasion, first make the area around the home as inhospitable to them as possible. Steps to accomplish this goal include keeping the grass short, flower beds tidy, leaves raked and eliminating debris or clutter in the yard which provide potential harborage for mice.

In addition to these steps, some basic home maintenance may help prevent easy access for mice. Because a mouse needs only ¼ of an inch for access, excluding them from the home can be difficult.  Replacing worn screening covering windows, crawl space vents or attic gables and filling small gaps around pipes or utility lines with copper mesh are worthwhile exclusion measures. Also consider that when daylight is visible around a door, mice can enter, and conditioned air “hot or cold” can escape.  Replacing worn weather stripping and thresholds can help prevent easy access for mice and reduce utility bills as well.

If you should be experiencing a mouse problem, or any other pest control issue, please contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol today for an evaluation!