No Vacancy!!!

No Vacancy!!!

By webdevFebruary 10, 2015No Comments

Wild mouse eating raspberry on logAlthough some people consider mice so adorable you can find them for sale at local pet stores, when a mouse finds a way into our homes uninvited, it’s far from cute!

Homeowners can be subject to a mouse invasion any time of the year but, they are most commonly experienced during the fall and winter months.  As their food sources and harborages become scarce outside, mice will frequently make their way into our homes.

Thanks to their bone structure, a mouse can squeeze into a gap as small as ¼ of an inch.  Chances are, if you look closely at your home, you will find any number of small gaps that will provide easy access for mice.

To reduce your chances of hosting a family of mice, reduce any clutter outside or inside which they will take advantage of for harborage.  Sealing even small gaps and replacing worn screening will help prevent a mouse invasion as well as reducing sightings of other pests indoors.  Don’t leave any bird seed or pet food outdoors overnight because mice are nocturnal and will be attracted by the food.

If you should be experiencing a mouse problem, or any other pest control issue, contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol today for an evaluation.

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