Ladybugs …. Guest or Pest?

Ladybugs …. Guest or Pest?

By webdevDecember 18, 2015No Comments

Seven-Spotted LadybugTo most gardeners, especially rose lovers, Ladybugs are welcome guests because they eat aphids and other insects that are harmful to plants. However, on warm days, when Ladybugs wake from their winter naps and wander into a home in droves, they can quickly wear out their welcome. 

In the winter Ladybugs nest under leaf piles on the roof or in the yard and other debris which provide insulation from the cold temperatures. When warmer days occur, Ladybugs awaken and they find buildings with sunny, western exposures particularly attractive.  While basking in the sun they become more active and can crawl into a structure through the smallest of cracks.

To minimize the chances of hosting a Ladybug party inside your home, remove all leaf piles from the roof (don’t forget the gutters), rake and bag any leaves from the yard and remove other debris they might take shelter under. Check window and door screening, caulking and weather stripping and repair or replace if needed as an additional measure to prevent Ladybug entrance.

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