Do You Know Who You’re Feeding????

Do You Know Who You’re Feeding????

By webdevJanuary 6, 2015No Comments

IMG_2718Many homeowners have been experiencing a problem with uninvited visitors over the past weeks.  Unlike holiday guests, who eventually go home on their own, these four legged visitors may be here for the long run.

Opossum are nocturnal and eat a wide variety of food including pet food, bird or squirrel food, insects and garbage.  Any food left out overnight for “Rover” or “Fluffy” will be gratefully accepted by an Opossum.  In fact he is likely to think you’ve “rung the dinner bell” just for him and may take up residence close by.  Opossum are not picky about their home and will live in burrows, attics, crawl spaces, sheds, garages … well you get the picture.

To minimize the chance of becoming an Opossum’s landlord, don’t leave pet, bird or squirrel food outside overnight and make sure trash cans have tight fitting lids.  Keeping the yard manicured and removing clutter and debris will reduce possible habitats and help prevent an Opossum invasion.

If you are currently experiencing a problem with an Opossum, or any other wildlife, please contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.


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